The Economic Function Of Public Art, Old Palace Road, Norwich, EAST International 06

The Economic Function Of Public Art, Alma Street and Corporation Street, Sheffield, 2004

The Economic Function Of Public Art, painted directly onto the wall, RISK: Creative Action In Political Culture, Glasgow, 2005

Billboard/text/photograph, 2004

Located at the corner of Corporation Street & Alma Street, Sheffield S3. 6 April – 20 April 2004. Originally commissioned by Ixia (formerly Public Art Forum).

Also Shown: EAST International 2006, Selectors Dirk Snauwaert & Jeremy Deller, Norwich Gallery, UK. Billboard located on Old Palace Road, Norwich. 10 July – 19 August 2006. RISK: creative action in political culture, 2005, curated by Ele Carpenter, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, UK.

The Economic Function Of Public Art Is To Increase The Value Of Private Property sets out to question the function of art in the public realm within the economic regeneration of post industrial cities. The image accompanied a text by Alberto Duman, entitled ‘Unbridled Lust’, in the annual journal by Ixia Desirable Places ed. by Emma Larkinson, pg 26-38. (ISBN 1873352042)

The work is the second part of a commission for Ixia (formerly Public Art Forum). It completes the project I Won an Artist in a Raffle where Hewitt & Jordan presented themselves as a prize to the delegates at the Ixia conference held in London in April 2003. This work was made for Allia Ali a project assistant at Commissions East who won Hewitt & Jordan in the raffle.

Arguments against public art have gained credibility since the 1980’s, when its advocacy made spurious claims for social benefit while public art itself became a badge for speculative and often socially divisive redevelopment. To see this realization standing as a piece of public art, without embellishment and commissioned by public art’s UK network, has a nicely postmodern irony. But its better than that: the statement invites us to think again about what is public and what is private, and perhaps to get off that see-saw altogether.

– Malcolm Miles (Reader in Cultural Theory, University of Plymouth).

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