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2006, Various locations around Manchester. Commissioned as part of BBC’s Power Of Art series.

How To Talk To Public Art is a new project by Freee in conjunction with The International 3 for Simon Sharma’s new series Power of Art on BBC Two in autumn 2006. The Power of Art project invited artists to ‘take a trip’ around the city in which they are working. Freee has structured its trip around Manchester as a dissenting tour of the city’s public artworks.

The work turns the tables on the relationship between public art and the public: instead of being subject to the secret codes of public art the citizen addresses the art in terms of narratives, jokes, histories and hopes to highlight the public life that goes on around public art. The context for public art is brought back to the sculpture through mini-performances in which the artists respond to particular public artworks by presenting sheets of text to camera utilizing the public artworks as the background. Freee will be ‘performing’ with statues, memorials and modern public art, these performances will be filmed, each lasting up to three minutes long.

The new work introduces a template for responding to artworks. It is Freee’s intention that in demonstrating how to talk to public art, and through the web-site showing these video clips, the public will be encouraged to get involved and upload their own narratives and comments to public art. How To Talk To Public Art will be available for viewing on Youtube where visitors can upload their own film versions on Freee’s Youtube page. The short films will be available to see on Youtube from 23rd November 2006.

Freee will be filming in Manchester city centre on Sunday 12th and Monday 13th November, look out for us especially if you have something you have always wanted to say to a piece of public art in the city!

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