Audience thinking about constructing a text from words supplied by Freee The audience at Meet The Interrupters The audience's first attempt at Text 1
Freee's Text 1 completed Freee's Text 2 completed The Interrupters' performance

Freee's Text 3 completed in the first attempt

Text/photograph, Meet The Interrupters: The Truth About Socially-Engaged Art Practice, Whitechapel Art Gallery, 2006

To mark the publishing of Gavin Wade’s non-simultaneous novel ‘The Interruptors’. ISBN 1-873352-19-0, published by article press.

An evening of performance and discussion concerning socially-engaged art practice. Taking part in the event is Gavin Wade, Karen Guthrie, Maraget Harrison, Jane Trowell, and Freee art collective. The evening addressed the ideas and encounters explored in ‘The Interrupters’. Introducing the artist-activist, artist-researcher, artist-engineer, artist-collaborator and artist-educator, each with a unique power and costume of their own.

Hired to document the proceedings of five Art Council of England’s sponsored events, Wades’ ‘The Interrupters’ is the book that some hoped could be buried under a pile of bureaucratic paperwork!

Freee developed three new text works as a resonpse to Wade’s novel and his experience of being an artist – report writer. The audience were invited to work out what the text’s said. The images are the results.

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