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New Freee Publication Spin[Freee]oza (Shop Windows and Balloons)

Spin[Freee]oza (Shop Windows and Balloons) – is a new publication by the Freee art collective published in the context of the exhibition On Joy, Sadness and Desire

SMART Project Space is delighted to present the new publication Spin [Freee]oza (Shop Windows and Balloons) by the Freee art collective. The publication Spin[Freee]oza (Shop Windows and Balloons) is part of Freee’s recent commission for the exhibition On Joy, Sadness and Desire at SMART Project Space, for which they adjusted quotes from the philosopher Spinoza (1632-1677) that were then printed on shop windows in the local vicinity of SMART and distributed on balloons available to visitors of the exhibition.

The statements provoke discussion on issues of democracy, consensus and power. Spin[Freee]oza (Shop Windows and Balloons) is published by SMART Project Space, it consists of full colour images of the project realized both in public realm of the street and the public space of the gallery, it includes an essay by artist and writer Steve Klee regarding the troublesome condition of ‘prevailing orthodoxy within contemporary art’, where he states that art betrays itself if it is too direct in its opinion, and a certain type of ambiguity is considered to be an essential ingredient for a successful art work.

Graphic design and production by James Langdon.

Spin[Freee]oza (Shop Windows and Balloons), ISBN 9789080665590

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