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Spin[Freee]oza at SMART Project Space, for the exhibition On Joy, Sadness and Desire Opens Saturday 9 May 2009

If anyone is in Amsterdam on May 9th, it”d be great to see you at the opening of our new show. It”ll be on until June 28th if you want to pay for your own drinks!

Spin[Freee]oza is a new Freee project commissioned by SMART Project Space as part of the exhibition “On Joy, Sadness and Desire” in Amsterdam from May 9th.

For Spin[Freee]oza the Freee art collective have produced three billboard poster prints. In each the artists are shown visiting retail spaces that have become temporary hosts for their slogans. The slogans are based on Spinoza’s philosophy but are twisted slightly to address the current state of political thinking on democracy.

As well as being printed on the billboards and as vinyl texts on ten shop windows in the vicinity of SMART Project Space, the slogans are printed on 1000 coloured balloons casino online that are available for gallery visitors to take away for free and carry around the city.

If today the key question about democracy is how to stop it from becoming the professional activity of a small minority, Spin[Freee]oza’s model of utopia is of people discussing democracy while doing their shopping, having a coffee or walking down the street.

Sharing and contesting opinion through acts of publishing is central to all of Freee projects. Making ideas public by printing them on a shop windows or on balloons carried by passers-by is intended to trigger thought and debate. The artists take it that this sort of questioning is essential for any democracy worthy of the name.

Exhibition opens 10 May – 28 June 2009

Spin[Freee]oza, gallery view, thirteen slogans printed onto coloured balloons. Photo: Andy Hewitt


Spin[Freee]oza, gallery view, includes There are no experts on happiness and All political horror and social unhappiness comes from trading what we want most for what we want now. Photo: Niels Vis.dsc_01901
Spin[Freee]oza, gallery view, billboard poster, Democracy is not an absence of disagreement; it gets its virture from its love of dissent. Photo: Niels Vis.

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