Monthly Archive for March, 2009

Poster Campaign – Land of Human Rights

Freee makes new poster for Rotor, Graz, Austria as part of the project Land of Human Rights. Freee”s new work, Article 31, is part of the 3rd poster campaign. Mark Hutchinson was also commissioned to  write a short text in response to Freee”s work.

Land of Human Rights is a project dealing with the status quo of the human rights in Europe seen from the perspective of visual art. Starting at end of 2007, continuing for a period of three years the project attempts to analyze and propose visions of human rights issues in Europe. The project utilizes the agency of art  to disseminate ideas about this issue to the general public. The planned activities – exhibitions inside and outside the gallery space, poster campaigns, media projects, film programmes, theoretical discourse etc – are designed to reach a broad audiences.

One integral part of the long-term project Land of Human Rights is a poster campaign. Starting in September 2007, a set of four posters will online casino’s be printed every half a year. The front side of the posters will present works of artists on current human rights issues and on the back side there will be short texts of human rights activists, theorists or people affected by human rights. The aim of the campaign is to inform the people about their rights in connection with the human rights and to raise awareness of current human rights issues.

Land of Human Rights

Article 31 – 1. No one shall be subjected to assault from profiteering advertisements, commercial sponsorship or promotional interference of any sort. 2. Everyone is entitled to full equality of access and participation in the formation of shared values and collective agency, to appear, speak, be heard and have their say, in the capacity of citizen, dissident, whistleblower, debunker and all other forms of resistance and activism. Poster, Freee, 2008. Photographer Mark Hutchinson.


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