Monthly Archive for January, 2007

The Freee Art Collective Manifesto For A Counter-Hegemonic Art

Freee’s new manifesto for a counter hegemonic art is being shown as part of Basecamp’s Team Players for Plausible Artworlds, at The Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia USA. You can download Part I: Art and the Bourgeois Public Sphere – The history of all hitherto existing culture is the history of hegemonic struggles for free or purchase the book for a mere £5.00 including P&P.

Freee Manifesto poster

Freee recently contributed a poster advertising the new manifesto to I am the Fly, curated by Gail Pickering, Montevideo, FRACPACA, Marseille, France.

Bring Me Sunshine

Bring Me Sunshine

Freee’s new performance Bring Me Sunshine was devised specifically for Peace Camp, curated by Bob & Roberta Smith at The Brick Lane Gallery, London. The performance saw Andy, Dave and Mel in bed in the gallery for the day. Mel says, “It felt like being in hospital especially when Mark McGowan came to see us – it felt like he was visiting. I liked going to the bagel shop best; we made the staff laugh as we were all dressed in the same pyjamas.” See Time Out review for more information, they seemed to like it.

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