Monthly Archive for October, 2006

How To Talk To Public Art

Freee are currently working on a new commission, How To Talk To Public Art, for the BBC’s Power of Art project. Deciding that they should talk back to the public art of Manchester, Freee are selecting a number of works to ‘chat’ to or interfere with. The work will take the form of a series of short films uploaded to YouTube along with a request to viewers to join in, make their own short films of themselves talking to public art and upload them for other people to see.

Have You Heard The One About The Public Sphere?

Freee have just finished a new work, Have You Heard The One About The Public Sphere? for Hull Time based Arts. The work was comissioned as part of a project entitled If your names not on the list you’re not coming in, casino online curated by Esther Windsor. It also includes new works by Cedric Christie, Jessica Voorsanger, Gavin Turk and Bob & Roberta Smith.

For this new work Freee worked with Hull comedian Norman Collier to make a video which features the stand-up comic using his famous broken microphone routine while attempting to make a public announcement about the debasement of the public sphere.

The Internationaler

The Internationaler

The Internationaler is a new magazine published in the North of England. Led by an editorial board living and working primarily in Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield, but also with members in London, Glasgow and Berlin, its coverage of contemporary art practices and debates takes the work of artists and curators in the North of England in the context of work throughout the UK, Europe and the international art world.

Redressing the usual journalistic emphasis on gallery exhibitions in the form of reviews, the Internationaler focuses on debates around contemporary practices. This is why the reviews are longer than those found in most art magazines and the articles and interviews are extensive and in-depth.

The Internationaler aims to instigate, develop, nurture and extend critical debate across the full range of contemporary art and culture.

To contribute contact: [email protected]
To subscribe contact: [email protected]

On Liberty and Art

Dave Beech will be giving a paper at the On Liberty and Art symposium at the Tate Britain on Wednesday 18 October 2006, 11.00–17.00. Other speakers will be Amanda Beech (no relation), Jake Chapman, Pia and Galia Kollectiv, Roman Vasseur, John Russell. More info here.

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