Monthly Archive for August, 2006

Freee news update

Dave Beech has a new job as Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, at Chelsea College of Art. He has written a new article entitled Shock versus Awe for the October special issue of Art Monthly.

Mel Jordan has a new job as Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, at Goldsmiths College of Art.

Andy Hewitt and Mel Jordan are working on a new book entitled Futurology which is due out in November 2006. The book maps the Futurology project at New Art Gallery, Walsall and brings together a number of important texts on utopias, anti-art and the avant-garde, and cultural–led regeneration, exploring the notion of functionality and autonomy in contemporary art practice. Contributors include: Malcolm Miles, Esther Leslie, Mark Hutchinson, Ruth Robinson, Rasheed Araeen, John Roberts, Charles Landry and Claire Fox. With projects by artists Barby Asante, Dave Beech, Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson, Simon Poulter and Becky Shaw.

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